Scorpion Legal

Scorpion Legal Protection is a non-mandated intermediary underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited. They have been providing affordable legal assistance to policyholders since 1996 and have helped numerous people defend and enforce their rights.

In 2008, they created the Scorpion Funeral Plan to provide policyholders with funeral insurance at competitive rates.

Scorpion Legal provide solutions to legal problems at affordable premiums. Among the variety of services offered, their policyholders have access to legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also have independent attorneys supporting their policyholders in court matters or when they need formal legal representation.

Lastly, Scorpion Legal’s Funeral policy provides policyholders with the financial means to give their family a dignified funeral backed by a team of lawyers. This includes access to legal advice on any of the legal challenges they may face when finalising the deceased individual’s estate.

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